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Updated for 2015

  After searching the internet for months to find craft fairs
 in the St. Louis area with little success, I finally decided to start my own website. 

I've been a vendor at fairs around St. Louis for a while, but always found it
frustrating trying to find information on St. Louis area events. 
(Er, let me rephrase that.  I found it frustrating trying to find *FREE* information.) 
I found it particularly difficult to find  info on how to register to be a vendor. 
By the time I found out about a show, registration deadlines were past and spaces were full. 
I thought there should be a place where crafters and shoppers alike can obtain a schedule of all the craft fairs in town.  
So here it is.  I hope you find it useful.

If you are an event organizer and wish to add your event to this page,
please send me an email
with the event specifics (including 
rental application, show location and contact info) and I'll be happy to post it.
Note:  I do not house online vendor applications on my website.
If your organization has an online application, please send me the link and I'm happy to post it.
However, I'm unable to re-post applications I receive as .pdf, .gif., .jpg. etc. email attachments.


This page is to be considered as a public service and is for informational purposes only. 
I am in no way endorsing any particular craft fair, vendor (except myself, of course,)
organization, religion or cause by the publishing of this website. 
All inquiries as to the events themselves, whether you are a crafter, vendor or buyer should be
directed to the organizers of the fair themselves, NOT to me. 
I have supplied web pages, links, contact names, addresses and telephone numbers wherever possible.
I cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the contact info, links, dates, times, fees or locations posted here,
as they are subject to change without notice.
Please check the posted websites directly for full event information. 
Thank you.

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